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We are consultants grounded in software, energy, and transportation experience fueled by a mission to empower businesses to unlock their full potential and realize their sustainability aspirations.

Accelerating Sustainability through Personalized Consulting

alangea (al•AN•jee•uh) is an independent technical product management, data science, and analytics consultancy helping businesses efficiently realize their sustainability goals. We bring our experience in software, energy, and transportation into your company, quickly filling resource and knowledge gaps. Our solutions deliver cost-efficient strategies, tools, and research that guide you to answers you need when you need them.

Why alangea? Because we understand that expertise and expediency are essential when it comes to addressing climate change. Our first principles approach identifies working assumptions then breaks down your problems into fundamental blocks so we can co-create the most impactful solutions for your business.

Our Services

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  • Technical product management with rapid onboarding to meet go-to-market requirements and meet launch deadlines for non-scheduled batteries in the Australian National Energy Market.
  • Standby tariffs research driving microgrid project design decisions with demand charge management opportunities for a hospital replacing onsite diesel generators.
  • Project finance models for proof-of-concept on/off-grid renewables powered hydrogen production and distribution in Southern California.
  • Python packages and toolkits wrapping proprietary algorithms to help scale reporting, analytics and customer engagement for shipping lane and load bids.
  • Research on incentives qualifications for renewables, batteries, hydrogen, EVs, and charging stations.
  • RFI/RFP design, evaluation, and supplier selection and contract negotiation for an on/off-grid 50kW solar powered water-pumping system serving the village of Bedghane, Lebanon.

Clients Who Trust Us

“We needed to strengthen our product management function for our core digital product. In a matter of days, Rami was contracted and leading the team. We didn’t miss a step in continuing to operate our bidding platform while delivering new client critical features and meeting new asset class launch deadlines.”

— Seyed Madaeni
Co-Founder & CEO, Verse Inc.
Former Chief Digital Officer & SVP, Fluence

“We represent some of the biggest clean energy companies in the world. When we or our clients need technical expertise and analysis, we turn to alangea.”

— Manal Yamout
Founding Partner, Caliber Strategies
Former Co-Founder & SVP of Policy & Market Design, Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Meet Our Team

Rami Ariss

Rami works to bridge the complexities that arise by the interdependency of sustainable energy and transportation electrification. In his doctorate, Rami explores co-optimal fleet design and route planning for electric delivery vehicles providing vehicle-to-grid services, electric vehicle policies operating across energy and transportation markets, and controls for multi-agent electric bus fleets for equitable ridepooling.

Rami’s career as a product manager bridged deep domain-knowledge in the economic value of behind-the-meter (BtM) DERs and front-of-the-meter (FtM) energy assets with design thinking best practices and an eye for user experience design. He successfully launched an Energy Trading product for the Australian Energy market, and led a data-driven Energy Management SaaS product from ideation to launch.

In his leisure, you will find Rami paddling out for a surf session, producing music, recharging with a home cooked Lebanese meal, and hanging out at the local darkroom developing and printing analog film.

Our Mission

alangea (al•AN•jee•uh) was founded to address the climate crisis with a sense of urgency, unity, and understanding. A portmanteau of the words for right now in arabic (الآن) and the most recent supercontinent (Pangea), alangea believes that the world must immediately act as a collective to keep warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. We combine energy and transportation subject-matter expertise with software and data science know-how for personalized solutions that impact your bottom line. Partner with us to drive towards a sustainable future.